Friday, February 26, 2010

"Lazy Twilight on High Street"

The new (old!) theater is situated on a remarkable street in Olde Towne, Portsmouth. High Street is a wonderful combination of old, historic buildings, quaint eateries, antique shops, a harbor and two theaters.

You can walk the five or six blocks from the beautiful waterfront, up High Street, through history. It is a remarkable walk which will take you past the Coffee Shoppe, the Children's Museum, Sports Hall of Fame, & Roger Brown's Restaurant - all just in the first block. The next block starts off with a church built in 1761, the Old Courthouse (picture) from the same era and our theater - which was built in 1851. (We seem to be the new kids on the block!)

On any given day, as evening starts to emerge, the street takes on a very different character. Twilight emerges, strollers come out to walk and gaze in windows, coming attractions at the theater - maybe even to stand under the marquee of the Commodore Theater across the street from us, or to sample one of three-hundred beers at the Bier Garden next door.

If the weather is fine, it is a slow, meandering stroll that makes one feel part of a previous time and place.

It is only fitting (and not surprising!) that I wrote "Lazy Twilight on High Street." Susan and I have done this walk countless times and it is one of the highlights of any visit to Portsmouth.

The piano, with a little drums back-beat, meanders lazily through half-step related harmonies - strolling through phrases without really stopping as if window shopping along High Street.

My thanks to Jeff for coming in this morning to help with the drums. There was not enough coffee in the world to make us not be lazy this morning.


Tomorrow? "Did Mom Pop, Mom Did." You figure it out. (It is probably not what you think!)

Robert Ian Winstin

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