Friday, February 26, 2010

"Lazy Twilight on High Street"

The twenty-sixth installment in the "28 in Twenty-Eight" blog series by Robert Ian Winstin.


  1. Way cool. Very different from the others, but can really see folks walking down High Street... Hate to see Feb ending. Have loved this series.

  2. I would love to see a picture of the entire street. Looks charming - and so is the music. Kind of a Bill Evans and Dave Brubeck style cross.

    I am going to miss this blog after tomorrow. I have been following from overseas throughout the entire month and have really, truly enjoyedx all of the pieces.

    I have to admit that my favorites are the short piano character pieces. They are extremely effective.


    Robert D.
    The 'real' Portsmouth! (UK, that is)

  3. No! February is ending and so is this blog! I spend each morning with you and I don't want to give it up.

    Will you leave the site up for a while so I can pretend March is really February?

    What about news of TC? How is the ceiling in the theater? Will Patty ever learn to type quietly?

    Answers in March?

    Lisa B.

  4. I'm geting blue - perhaps anothe "Blues Etude" will cheer me up?

    Lovely piece - again.


  5. I am spending the morning catching up on all the pieces in your blog. Kudos to you and this lovely idea - what a treat it is to listen to all of this.

    Back to listening now - wonderful!

    Christina L.

  6. Man, Mr. Winstin... if High Street had a theme, this would surely be it. I know this started out as just a month long project, but I say, "Go all the way! Make it a CD!"

    I mean, I'd buy enough copies that you'd make profit...

    With love and college knowledge,
    JT (and Buuuuuuuck)

  7. Another lovely piece! Wonderful!

  8. Makes me want to take a walk with you!

    Our adventures continue . . . now and always!

  9. Wow - what a special piece and a great collection. I'm starting to miss it already!

    Lesley S.

  10. I don't know what to write, I'm so sad this will be coming to an end in 2 days. Each morning has started off wonderfully this entire month, because of the feeling of excitement as I pad in my slippers over to my computer, start it up, make my coffee, and pull up 28 in twenty-eight. It used to be my email would be the first thing I would pull up, and quickly begin working. 28 in twenty-eight has given me reason to start my days off differently, not just jumping into work. It has been a new way of starting each day for me, and I am wondering why it has to end, and how will I act on March 1st? Will I awake and go over to this site, hoping another month of pieces will appear only to find that no, there won't be... and then I will open my email.

    Thank you Maestro, for giving us a month of peace, and a reminder to start each of our days to stop and smell the roses, or in this case, stop and listen to a beautiful, sometimes fun, piece of music with which to start my day.

  11. Please Maestro, make a CD and a booklet of the writings and comments. This is something I do not want to let go of. How will we get one if you do this?

  12. Patty is still typing loudly, TC is now sleeping in the pink bed the Maestro purchased for him, which is right by Patty's desk... so he does not seem to be bothered by her typing. He actually sleeps to the sound of it. I believe a sound proofing around her keyboard of some sort is in order? No more brown leaks from the ceiling... actually, no more leaks from the ceiling. :) Lunch is in 2.5 hours. :) Patty. (yes, speaking in 3rd person). Robert... I too have enjoyed listening to each piece. I will miss having this to look forward to, however... I know you will have something else up your sleever for us!

  13. Lovely piece - definately influenced by Brubeck - I can hear the off beat accents in the left hand and the chromatic harmonic movement.

    Well done, indeed!

  14. Greetings from the water cooler / monitor in Illinois! So far the ranking is hard to decide, but the top three are:

    1. The Thing Stuck in the Corner of My Window
    2. With You There is No End


    3. Saturday Night (really gorgeous!)

    Runner up:

    4. Elbows? Whatever! (Very cute!)

    Only two more days!

  15. In an era of poor quality and lazy music - this is a gem! I just found this site and have only worked my way back through the last week, but, I have been very impressed. This is absolutely a terrific undertaking and so worthwhile.

    Hats off to you!

    Jennifer B.

  16. I'm going to miss these installments.
    Thank you very much.


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