Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Saturday Night"

The twenty-fifth installment in the "28 in Twenty-Eight" new music blog series by Robert Ian Winstin.


  1. You have certainly captured the sadness and instability of the patient while creating a beautiful piece of music. Its haunting and powerful.

  2. Wow ... this is really remarkable. I really am very impressed with this piece. Wonderful!

    Katie C.
    Los Angeles

  3. How tragic and melancholy. At first I was intrigued by the clock ticking - then it really started to get to me as I strained to listen to it. (Which i think might be the very idea?) Then, at the end, I found it almost normal.

    How sick am I


    Stephen D.

  4. What a fantastic image - broken calla lilies. Could anything be more appropos than the image of a traditional flower broken in half?

    Beautiful piece of music. This is something that has a lot to say.


  5. Greetings from across the pond. I was tuned out for a few days and I found I missed this blog a tremendous amount. What a wonderful piece of music. I quite agree with Stephen about the clock ticking - I think that it serves as almost an emotional mortar to keep the schizophrenic idea to the fore. Amy ... you are exactly right about the powerful image of a broken wedding flower and all that this image signifies.

    Well done!


  6. Quite right all of you! I found the music mesmerizing.

    Beautifully done!

  7. It was incredibly disturbing - but in a good way. I agree about the image of the broken lilies. Like a broken spirit.

    You made schizophrenia almost a tangible thing - if that's possible.

    Cathy B


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