Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"That's All Folks!"

It is now March 2nd and I actually slept in this morning - I got up around 5am! (Late for me!)

Yesterday, as well as this morning, I actually found out that I missed writing this blog and that I missed that deadline looming feeling.

I just couldn't stop myself from posting one more time and saying goodbye properly.

This blog post has been a wonderful experience for me. When I started it, I figured that no more than six people would want to listen to some new music on a daily basis.

Boy was I wrong ... and never more delightedly so.

To date, more than 18,000 of you have logged on and listened. Over 12,000 of you grabbed the free sheet music that accompany each installment.

I am very humbled, flattered, delighted and amazed.

My thanks to all of you for stopping by so often. I have been privileged to know so many cool people throughout my life and have enjoyed making so many new friends.

I've tried to organize this blog for returning listeners and new listeners alike. A list appears below with titles, instrumentation and timings.

The blog pieces and postings are shown from most recent to last as they are on the blog pages. Each title (day) has two entries - original text to each day and a comments/audio page.
As an update for those interested: the theater ceiling no longer leaks icky brown stuff (though I am sure another will present itself soon), Patty still types loudly (but no one cares about it except TC), TC is still the cutest and smartest cat ever to grace my doorstep (and has taken to sleeping in his pink cat bed only after I drew a skull and crossbones on the side of it and labelled it "Killer's Bed"), my father-in-law had a terrific birthday and I have the prettiest wife in the world.
What can I say - I'm one lucky guy!

Thanks again for all of your comments, support and interest. It is much appreciated!

Robert Ian Winstin

Stats: Blog Views to Date (March 31, 2010): 27,113 Sheet Music Downloads to Date (March 31, 2010): 15,332

You can grab the FREE sheet music to most of the music in this blog series at www.numusicdirect.com/28intwentyeight.html

Titles and Timings for Blog Pieces by Robert Ian Winstin in the "28 in Twenty-Eight" blog:
(Reverse Order - Newest to oldest)

28. Happy Birthday, Oscar! (piano) 1:17
27. Did Mom Pop, Mom Did (piano) 0:49
26. Lazy Twilight on High Street (piano) 1:49
25. Saturday Night (soprano, clarinet & piano) 7:43
24. Elbows? ... Whatever! (guitar, 'cello & piano) 1:39
23. Blues Etude #3 (piano) 1:19
22. Really, Am I Typing Too Loudly? (piano) 1:10
21. As Darkness Falls (violin & sfx) 3:10
20. A Short Study for a Big Talent (clarinet & sfz) 1:25
19. What the #$%^ - I Tried to Come Up With a ... (piano) 1:13
18. Fantasy for Flute, Piano & Chamber Orchestra 3:47
17. Blues Etude #2 (piano) 1:43
16. Men Have Biological Clocks Too (piano) 1:54
15. A Trio of Myopic & Near-Sighted Rodents (piano) 1:22
14. With You There is No End (piano) 1:43
13. Form - My Life (voices & orchestra) 7:20
12. TC - the Theater Cat (piano) 1:12
11. Like Water Flowing Through My Ceiling (piano) 0:50
10. Like Grass Peeking Through The Melting Snow (piano) 1:33
9. Museum in His Mind (voices & orchestra) 4:09
8. Blues Etude #1 (piano) 1:41
7. All Thumbs - Bach Redux (piano) 1:32
6. Family in a Row (piano) 1:01
5. The Thing Stuck in the Corner of My Window (piano) 1:24
4. Noodle, Poodle, Doodle (piano) 0:38
3. Sounds Like Fun! (bassoon & piano) 1:01
2. ... Balances (piano) 1:03
1. SnowSwirls (piano) 0:58


  1. Great project. I thorough enjoyed every work. Will you be doing 28 in twenty-eight in twenty-eleven?

  2. Excellent blog. I will miss it!

    More please...

    Catherine B.

  3. Greetings from the ladies at the water cooler!


    3. TC the Theater Cat
    2. With You There is No End
    1. Fantasy for Flute, Piano & Chamber Orchestra

    Great stuff - truly enjoyed each piece, story and delighted in getting to work, congregating around a monitor and listening to that days piece of music.

    We all feel as if we know you, your wife, cat, office people and the theater.

    Please let us know if/when a CD comes out of this stuff.

    We'd love it!

    Sonia, Lesley, Miranda & Sonnie

  4. Can't wait for a CD!

    Great idea.

    Roger B.

  5. Is there a CD? Wonderful! Can we pre-order?

    Cathy M.
    Des Plaines

  6. I just want to thank you publicly for the honor
    of being part of your 28 in 28.
    It was a wonderful experience, and it is great to have you as a friend and colleague.

  7. Maestro... many are waiting to see what you will come up with next? The Ladies need their discussion around the water cooler each morning. What shall you do? 30 days of lunch? 30 days of TC? daily updates to the theater? ideas for a sound barrier for Patty's typing?



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