Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Happy Birthday, Oscar!"

The final, twenty-eighth, installment in the "28 in Twenty-Eight" blog series by Robert Ian Winstin.


  1. Greetings from across the world. Luckily we were not devastated by a tsunami! I will miss this blog series tremendously.

    Thank you for doing this. It was a lovely glimpse into your creativity and talents - which are considerable.

    It was also a welcome glimpse into your life - I loved hearing and reading about your wife, the office, TC, the leaky roof and your father in law.

    I hope to hear more from you in this forum.

    It's been wonderful!

    Stephen C.

  2. Wondering if this is really it? Will there be something else for which we can anxiously awake to each morning?

    I will miss this!

  3. We'll miss you! I hope that you keep this blog up so that i can continually bring listeners back from time to time to show them.

    It has been a delight!

    Robert C.
    Los Angeles

  4. Nicely done, Robert! Congrats and "good morning" to your father-in-law!

    Jay Stecher

  5. Hi - this is TC. Patty is typing too loudly and it is time for MY lunch!

    LOL - I love this blog and will miss hearing about you and your 'family'. So much fun in your office, makes me want to hear more.

    I love the pieces of music especially the flute piece and those terrific piano pieces. Outstanding!

    Thank you for doing this!!!!

    Randi L.

  6. via Facebook:

    Bravo!! Congratulations on a great run- 28 days! Thanks for providing us with great music!


  7. via Facebook:

    Delightful and charming. You were always my first stop every morning.


  8. Sad! I want this to continue! Thank you so much for doing this. It was a breath of fresh air every day.


    Des Plaines

  9. Happy Birthday Oscar! Many, many more!

    Congratulations Robert many many more!

    Jay M.

  10. Congratulations an a perfect 28 in 28!

    Sant Just Desvern

  11. Joyeux anniversaire!


  12. Mr. Winstin! I love these pieces. Will there be a CD?



  13. Maestro Winstin,
    Will there be a CD and booklet which will hold all the blogs?

  14. I wonder if TC types quiter than Patty! Sounds like a fun environment, a good environment, it is no wonder it comes so easily to you to produce the pieces you have so generously given to us over the last 28 days. I, and others I am quite sure, look forward to seeing "something" more on this wonderful blog! More music Mr. Winstin, please!

  15. Awww. Sadness on learning that this is ending. (Of course, I knew it would, being "28 in 28" and all!) But, it is sad to hear it end nontheless.

    Congratulations on a spectacular series! I will miss it.

    Anthony C.

  16. Love it - Happy Birthday to your father-in-law and congratulations on a fantastic series seen to completion!

    We wish you the very best.

    Suzanne C. & Phillip S.

  17. via Facebook:

    Too cool that you got the end of this! Wonderful stuff and I enjoyed learning about you and your music.

    Keep up the great work!

    Stephanie LeGrou

  18. Robert,

    This has truly been a joy and delight. This is not surprising to those of us fortunate enough to have known and worked with you. In my opinion, these variations on "Happy Birthday" should become a standard in the repertoire. I add my heartfelt congrats to the many voices of praise and thanks. You have done a yeoman's job and you are a fine representative for all us crazy composers everywhere. Please consider releasing this as a CD. The audience is obviously there. Well, here's wishing you many creative returns.

    Onward and upward,


  19. Thank you for a splendid month of music - in rich and varied forms - creative, spontaneous, emotional, personal, diligent. Thank you for sharing your passion to a world through the internet so we could share the creative journey of music and our love of it to our world. Your efforts this month coincide beautifully with the Winter Olympics - and are worthy of a GOLD Medal! I will enjoy these miniatures long after this month is over and will continue to share them and the unique and memorable experience from which they came, even to the 28th minute from which the last was posted. Blessings for many more happy days of music!

  20. Thank you to all! I am delighted and humbled by your comments. When I started this I truly anticiated about 6 people would follow it and comment. I notice this morning that it is now over 18,000.

    What can I say?

    You guys are fantastic!

    Thank you,

    Robert Ian Winstin

  21. I love this blog! Just got on last week and have enjoyed it so much!


    Cheryl S.


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