Sunday, February 14, 2010

"With You There Is No End"

The fourteenth (Valentine's Day) installment of Robert Ian Winstin's "28 in Twenty-Eight" blog.


  1. Thanks, My Love!
    You are the best.

  2. OMG! Would you consider marrying me?



  3. Very Sweet! How wonderful to see a couple like this. Happy Valentine's Day ... and the music is lovely.

  4. I'm a student at Tech and I'm wondering if you have any problems with me using some of the music in a class presentation? I would need to print it out or copy it digitally for a PP presentation. If you could let me know on this blog it would be great.


  5. Happy Half-Way Done with February! Great job on the first half. Wondering how you will top this the next 14 days?


  6. Beautiful! If that is a picture of you and your wife you might be the happiest couple I have ever seen!

    These pieces have been spectacular and I have certainly enjoyed the versatility of the works.

    I'm a fan!

    Stephen B.

  7. What I love most about this piece, is not the piece itself, but the picture of you and Susan. You can see the love you have for her, and how happy she is because of your love for her. Today, that is what I will comment on... the beauty which comes out of this picture... (although the piece is nice too, Maestro!) ;-)

  8. Love this one, too! Thanks for sharing your wonderful composing talents with us all... As a composer myself I find this very inspiring.


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