Sunday, February 14, 2010

"With You There Is No End"

It's Valentine's Day!

This piece, "With You There Is No End," is, of course, for my wife Susan.

I met Susan when I was performing a concert in Virginia Beach and she was moonlighting as a theater tech at the hall. I was struck by her beauty and charm right from the very start.


Yep, love at first sight.

She, however, was not so enthralled.

"Would you have dinner with me?" I asked expecting her to answer yes.

"No," she answered continuing to push the piano onto the stage - using a lot of concentration to position the piano just so.

"No?" I was really disappointed.

"No." She continued to work the piano into place.

"Drink after the concert?"


"Can I wave to you from the stage?"


"Wow, ... that's a bit ... negative. Married?"




"Spoken for?"


"Thinking about being in a relationship?"


"I'm too tall?"


"Too short?"


"You don't like classical music?"

"Love it."

" ... then ... why?"

She thought for a moment and then looked at me.

"My Momma warned me about men like you."

It took almost eighteen months to get her to agree to even go out on a date with me.

I proposed that very first night.

Of course, she said "No."

Eventually I just wore her down.

If you have but a small percentage of the happiness I have found with my partner then you would be a very happy person.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Robert Ian Winstin

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  1. Really? I am amazed! You are posting this music plus you are putting the printed music out there for free? Way to go! What a great undertaking. My students at ASU showed me this site and I'm now a fan. Count me in to listen everyday!

  2. OMG! This is so special. It's so wonderful to love and be loved in this manner. This piece is great and pretty fitting for the occasion.


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