Monday, February 15, 2010

"A Trio of Myopic & Near-Sighted Rodents"

The fifteenth installment in Robert Ian Winstin's "28 in Twenty-Eight" blog series


  1. Never have the mice sounded so good!

  2. Hilarious! Can I assume that the end 'smack' is the cutting off of the tails with a carving knife?

    Great piece!


  3. That's some fancy playing. I just grabbed the sheet music off your web site. This is a great srvice - many thanks to you and your company for doing this.

    I love it

  4. That's really funny. Love the humour.

    Carl S.

  5. We're enjoying this blog! (State Farm Employees!) Every morning we can't wait to come in and crowd around a monitor and have a listen to that days latest piece of music.

    Monday is especially fun as we get to listen to several in a row to catch up from the weekend.

    This morning we took a poll and decided that our favorites were:

    1. "Noodle, Poodle, Doodle"
    2. "The Thing in My Window" and
    3. "TC - the Theater Cat"

    He might be the cutest cat in the world and I wonder if he knows that he is famous here in Southern Illinois?

    Thanks for doing this blog - we love it!

  6. TC rules! Love that piece and I love this one too. Really great - lots of fun to listen to. I am hoping for another Blues Etude. Is one coming?

    Cathy C.

  7. Is there a full disc of the complete opera stuff? I love that and would certainly get one if it was available.

    Keep this up! Only 13 more to go!

  8. How fun - I have to agree with Susan - best sounding mice I've ever heard. Hey - I really think it was TC catching them at the end.

    Great laugh for a Monday

    Cathy B

  9. Thanks for this, I am enjoying this.



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