Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Men Have Biological Clocks, Too"

First - a hearty THANK YOU to those who are following this blog daily. It takes a special kind of person to listen to this much new music on a daily basis. There might be medication for that. Check with your doctor.

"Men Have Biological Clocks, Too."

Although ... when I look at my Grandfather (yes, I know I put a capital "G" there - but he is a kind of Capital guy) who is closing in on 97 - yes, ninety-seven years old, it is hard to maintain an argument about men and their biological clocks.

Especially since he was recently living with his younger girl friend. She's 84.

Actually, I'm just playing with time in this piece. (Aren't we all?) The left-hand drones out a constant beating of time - which is timed-out at sixty on the metronome; one quarter per second. (Coincidence? I think not!)

The right-hand messes with the time-line of the left-hand, much like life interrupts from time to time and throws us a few curves. (You'll also hear, if you've lasted this long, the right-hand 'time flying' figures that alternate between groups of three and four. In most time groupings, figures of three tend to give the impression of time pulling back a bit, and, when it releases back to groups of four you tend to feel a bit of relief that time has now continued it's inevitable march forward.)

Time continues to the end in the same constant tempo that was established in the beginning of the piece - just like in real life.

Hm mmm - I can't believe that I wrote the above paragraphs! I'm usually the happy one! (I must be harkening back to my slavic roots ...)

Nice way for me to reward returning listeners - write something depressing!

Oh well, tomorrow - by popular request - is another "Blues Etude." I going out on a limb here with the title to tomorrow's piece and call it ... "Blues Etude #2."

Pure titular poetry.

Robert Ian Winstin


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