Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Morning: Film Noir"

This is the twentieth installment in the "28 in Twenty-Eight" blog series by Robert Ian Winstin.


  1. Cool piece!
    I like the clarinet and the sound effects.
    I also like the picture of us.

  2. You look ravishing ... as usual!

  3. You guys are too cute! This is a lush piece of music. The clarinet is perfect. Love the phone sounds - who hasn't heard that annoying sound in the morning?

    Amanda B.

  4. I closed my eyes and I was waiting for Humphrey Bogart to walk into the room and say something like "here's lookin' at your kid". Not sure it that is because you set it up that way - or if the music really said that. Either way - the clarinet was beautiful.

    Cathy B

  5. Very cool piece of 'music.' Actually, I am most impressed that I kind of get it! I can actually see a scene of music - not just hear it.

    Will there be more like this? I hope so!

    Wendy Kaufmann

  6. Beautiful SIL - loved it! Great to hear early in the morning!!!

    Leddie McIntosh

  7. Again, something unexpected from you. Too Cool

    Michael Durig

  8. Great! I love it. Something to really chew on. Fab work.

  9. Clarinet, coffee pot, ringing phone, forebearance from brake drum, screeching cat, drunk musicians in a recording booth, chair against wall on fire escape, mallett on piano harp. Is there no end to your devious mind. No answer needed.
    Sam again


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