Sunday, February 21, 2010

"As Darkness Falls"

So, ... yesterday was about pure sound and programmatic sound combined to tell a story. Yesterday it was morning, 'film noir' style.

Today it is evening. Get up, have your morning coffee and pretend it is evening. On a beach. And ... there is a violinist nearby.

Perfectly natural!

OK - you have to stretch a bit, but the setting is pretty cool; waves lapping into the shore and ... "As Darkness Falls" a violin plays on the lonely beach. By the time he finishes - a small crowd has appeared - and threatens to drown out his playing. Eventually he stops, they leave - and the beach remains.

Make what you will of it!

Once again - I have great friends and colleagues. The wonderful violinist Jorge Aguirre met me me for breakfast in the morning and I convinced him to record this little ditty. (Like yesterday's piece with Eddie, Jorge had no idea what I was going to put as sound effects behind him.)

That's a nice guy!

Sound is sound. It really doesn't matter to me if it is made by a trained player on a wonderful instrument or made by nature in the form of the sound of waves lapping against the shore.

And ... these past two pieces have been about sound and, maybe more importantly, the marrying of two separate and different elements; scripted sound created by a person and sound by nature or random sounds.

As a composer I loved putting them together.

My thanks to Eddie and Jorge for lending me their estimable talents.

Tomorrow's music is about a very loud typist. Yep, that's right - and it is for piano.

Until tomorrow!

Robert Ian Winstin

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