Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Elbows? ... Whatever!"

The twenty-fourth installment in the "28 in Twenty-Eight" blog series by Robert Ian Winstin.


  1. Oh, how gorgeous!
    Makes me want to hug that little girl!

  2. Very sweet. This is a lovely piece. electric guitar, piano and cello?

    Lovely. Very sweet.

    Lisa B.

  3. That was lovely - left me wanting more. I wish my papa was fun like you. He just kept asking me "are you married yet???" and I was just Katie's age.

    Truly - a gift of love - thanks for sharing it.

    Cathy B

  4. OMG! How beautiful!

  5. This is a beautiful piece... will you be adding on to this? It would be so beautiful to listen to a longer version, or perhaps an enire CD of similar sounds... very relaxing and peaceful. Wonderfully done. Thank you... I am actually looking at the calendar thinking "this is almost the end of the month". How sad that we will be logging on March 1st, and the 28 of 28 will be no longer... although, a wonderful memory of music and something of which I looked forward to every morning.

  6. I love the piece and the story. Thanks for making my morning!

    Celia M.

  7. Awwww! This is darling!

  8. For those that are interested - a video of the recording session is up at You Tube at:

    Thanks for all your wonderful comments!


  9. Robert, the video is lovely - how nice to see the recording process a bit! And the piece! Another big Wow. I like the way you play with expected and unexpected in so many genres, all within even one piece, but certainly across this breadth of creativity of February. Tantalizing and Satisfying and Intriguing and Inspiring. More! More! More!


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