Friday, February 5, 2010

"The Thing in My Window"

Yes, ... you wanted titles? Have I got one for you!

"The Thing Stuck in the Corner of My Window" is about ... well, the 'thing' in my window. I saw it yesterday. Really.

In the last 9 months, we've been working on restoring an old 1854 theater for offices and recording studio and theater in the historic Olde Towne district in Portsmouth, Virginia.

It is a fabulous place - great old bones as they say in the real estate biz.

It has become quite a studio - in fact, the first recording done here was the Melies' film "Le Voyage Dans la Lune." We've recorded many new works here already - from works by David H. Cohen, Chris Sainsbury, James Guymon, Professor Louis & The Crowmatix to the selections on this blog.

I love recording here.

Yesterday as I was walking through the office I noticed a rather old looking bumble-bee hiding in the corner of the window. How he survived this long into winter is beyond me. He was obviously on his last ... wings and would buzz frantically while only turning left. (Apparently his right turn signal was broken.) He was also somewhat molting and was being tortured with glee by the theater cat TC.

In writing this morning I remembered him and set him to music. The bumble-bee, not TC.

So ... "The Thing Stuck in the Corner of My Window."

A couple of things to talk about - you'll hear the obvious buzzing. Can't miss it really. (Not too subtle, Robert!) The loud, booming lower bass notes in the left hand are my attempts at musically describing my clapping at TC to try and shoo him away from playing with this poor old bumble-bee. The middle slow section is a sad lament for the bumble-bee - I thought he'd finally given up and had taken his final rest.


He was up and buzzing left in a few moments. Apparently he was playing possum.

The big bang at the end of the piece? I'll let you draw your own conclusions!

Thanks again for all the wonderful comments and emails. It is very humbling.

See you tomorrow!

Robert Ian Winstin

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  1. Are you going te be releasing all of these as a CD when you are done? I think that would be way cool - and maybe the blog as the booklet?



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