Monday, February 22, 2010

"Really, Am I Typing Too Loudly?"

We have a new person in my office. Her name is Patty. (I don't really know what her last name is - she changes it every day. Really.)

Now, people who work in my office are ... brave. Or, they are foolhardy. Or, ... completely insane. (There really is no structure working for a composer - the office is different almost every day.)

We're not sure which one Patty is yet, but, I'm leaning towards the insane.
Her desk is just right outside my office. We are separated by fifteen feet, a pretty thick wall and 900 pounds of insulation.

She types loudly. Actually ... she types LOUDLY. Very LOUDLY.

I don't particularly care how loudly she types, but, it is something for me to comment on and kid her about.

Ever since I have started kidding her about her typing she has made a decided effort to type softer. The fun part comes when she suddenly thinks I am listening to her typing - but she isn't quite sure? So she will get louder, softer, louder, softer ... stop ... type softly, loudly ... stop. I'll then get a text on the office IM (which she so ably set-up): "Really, Am I Typing Too Loudly?"

She's a character - Patty with the no last name. Actually, Susan and I love her; she's great at her job and has a quirky sense of humor. TC likes her, too - and y'all know how I feel about that cat! (Did you notice the "Y'all?" Wouldn't my Immediate Southern family be proud?)

It probably takes an insane person to work here. Too bad she fits right in.

The only problem - she really doesn't like to go to lunch. I love lunch! I've been known to greet people at 9:00am when they come to the office - "Where would you like to go to lunch?"

"Hm mm ... it's only 9:02. I'm still wanting coffee."

"Well, it's never too early to think about a good lunch!"

Truth is, starting at about 10:25am I am already at lunch in my 'good place.' (In my defense, my office is on High Street and there are numerous restaurants within smelling distance that start firing up their grills and ovens about 10:00am. By 10:25 I pretty much can't take it anymore.)

"Anybody busy?" I'll ask as I go into the office where Susan, Patty and TC are hard at work.

"... what?" As if I have caught them not working. (Couldn't care less - this is about that great hamburger I smell cooking!)

"Where we going for lunch?" In my excitement, I'm practically yelling by now.

"It's only ... it's not even 10:30!"

"Well, by the time we walk there it will be time to eat!"

"Every restaurant here is within thirty feet!"

(Sigh) "Okay ... I'll just sit here by the window. Don't let (sniff) me bother (sniff) you. Really, (sniff) I'll be as quiet (sniff) as a cat."

Surprisingly, they rise in resignation.

"Let me get my coat."

Tomorrow? Who knows - I think I'll have to let you know when I write it!

Robert Ian Winstin

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