Saturday, February 6, 2010

"Family in a Row"

The sixth installment in the blog series "28 in Twenty-Eight" by Robert Ian Winstin.


  1. I was waiting! Thanks for posting so early so I get a chance to hear your latest before heading off to work.

    This is not only a delightful piece but it is also wonderful that you are writing about your family.

    Lucky them!

    I'm a percussionist - any chance of hearing a percussion work any time soon?

    Great stuff. I love this blog and it is my first stop every morning. Second stop is to download the score.


  2. You are absolutely right on Frank! But you beat me to it this morning. I was hoping to be the first to comment today. This is great stuff. I haven't heard anything serial since grad school twenty years ago. Excellent use of the row and I love the concept. (Hate the posting procedures to post a comment. Who designs these blog engines?) Great music though.

    Jay Ashland

  3. Where can I get the music?

  4. Hey Robert! Jim Bishop here ... this is really wonderful stuff! Love the family piece. Tried to play the 'Poodle Noodle' piece and it was way beyond my fingers. LOL! Man, you haven't slowed a bit - just playing tastier things.
    Tuning in everyday!

  5. Hey Jim! Wow - it's been a while hasn't it? Glad you liked the blog music. What are you talking about - you can play most things with one arm tied behind your back!
    What are you up to?

  6. It does sound like us! And I thought you weren't listening.
    What a cool piece!

  7. I must admit, we sound terribly exciting. Very fun! Can't wait for the rest of February!


  8. Wow, I've never been cooler than I am today. Thanks!

  9. Hey Lizz and Carmen (Casey too!): Thanks, but you guys were already way cool before!

  10. This is my favorite one that I have heard on your blog, I love the syncopation, and the dissonant chords... awesome. Lots of thought went into this, keep it up!


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