Monday, February 1, 2010


The first in the blog uploads in the series "28 in Twenty-Eight" by Robert Ian Winstin. This one is for piano and is called "Snow Swirls."


  1. Reminiscent of the Cowell/Cage experiments!

    Curious to see if some of these will form a set, suite, synthesize, or simply swirl...

  2. Bravo Robert! Great Challenge and a super start! I like the piece! I'm impressed that you learned it so darn quick! O.k. Nice way to start your day - and mine too.

    This month is opera month for me. Bberni and I are turning out about 20 - 30 minutes this month for a workshop the end of March. Hey, if you are up Cape Cod way in April, my lastest orchestral work - The Gift of the Elk, A Suite for Native American Flute and Orchestra - debuts in Hyannis, MA April 10 & 11.
    I'll look forward to downloading your a.m. creations.
    Again, bravo!
    Jim Cockey

  3. Wow! This is a very cool idea, very inspiring and a great start.

    Look forward to the month of February in a way I didn't think possible.

    I'll be writing again,


    Stan Harrison

  4. Robert,

    Congrats on a great start! I like the piece very much and I look forward to what the next 27 days brings. I'm busy preparing for the 2nd Berkeley Symphony Concert. The piece is called "Shut Up Socrates". Let just hope that after hearing it, the audience will have kinder sentiments for me.

    Oh and welcome to the wonderland of composition completion deadlines! It's nice to know others feel your pain. It does give you a target to shoot for, that's for certain.

    The project is a great idea and I look forward to following your progress.

    Bon Voyage!


    P.S. Anya says "Break a leg!"


  5. Delightful pieces! Cheers for interesting dissonance! I'm impressed that you get the piece learned and recorded the same day you write it.

  6. This definitely conjures up snow swirl images in my mind. Very picturesque music and what wonderful playing!


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